Police Give Body Worn Camera Update

Police Give Body Worn Camera Update

On Thursday, May 25, the Alexandria Police Department (APD) discussed the progress of its recently launched Body-Worn Camera Program. The program, which started in April, is new for the department and features some of the newest technology on the market to aid in its mission to provide transparent community policing. 

Since the April 17th launch of the program, officers have uploaded more than 1,700 body-worn camera videos for more than 500 hours of footage. In total, they have uploaded approximately 3,000 pieces of digital evidence to include audio files, photographs, and other digital evidence.

"We are excited to implement body cameras as part of our standard operating procedures," said Police Chief Don Hayes. "This is a significant step forward for our department in building trust with our community."

City Council approval plus a $600,000 grant in federal funding secured by U.S. Rep. Don Beyer made the implementation of body cameras possible.

Community members are encouraged to view APD’s Body-worn Camera Program policy online and learn more on how to obtain video footage through the Virginia Freedom of Information Act or the legal process of discovery. https://www.alexandriava.gov/sites/default/files/2023-04/Body-Worn%20Cameras%20Directive%202.8.419.pdf