Find Friends On the Fields

Find Friends On the Fields

August 6, 2002

<bt>Welcome to Arlington! As a teenager, I would like to welcome my fellow teens and younger children and briefly tell you about the great opportunities to join sports teams in Arlington.

Sports are a great way to meet people from all across Arlington, even before school starts. There are opportunities for people of all different abilities. We have wonderful recreation leagues in many sports – notably soccer, basketball, softball and baseball. Almost every sport offers opportunities to travel with the team.

Our middle schools and high schools sponsor a wide variety of teams. Some of the teams are very competitive, and it’s difficult to make the cut. Others, such as track and cross-country, have no-cut policies; everybody who practices gets to compete and improve at their own pace.

Personally, I love my cross country, soccer and track practices because my teammates and I really get a chance to talk during warmups and stretching. We also get together for team breakfasts and dinners, and even the occasional sleep-over and car wash to raise money.

The best thing about becoming involved with sports in Arlington will be the friends you will make. You may find a best friend on the sports field, or just a lot of nice people who you will enjoy. Sports don’t always have to be just for exercise. They can help build a circle of friends too!

Margaret McGaffigan

Yorktown High School Junior