McLean Student Succeeds With STRIVE

McLean Student Succeeds With STRIVE

Name: Johanna Kinlan

Town: McLean.

How would you describe yourself (personality, thoughts, etc.)?

I would describe myself as fun, funny and sweet.

Education (list degrees held, dates received, etc.)?

Completed high school in 2001 and have finished three courses at NoVa and finishing my CDA.

Current job or primary occupation: I’m working with preschoolers at McNair Farms Children Center in Herndon.

Favorite part of your current job: Helping my children succeed in their lives and helping them learn new things in life.

One thing about your community that you enjoy that you don't think most people know about; or something important for a newcomer to know: That we have plenty of things to do here that are offered to us daily.

List a few of your favorite places in your community; consider restaurants, parks, public places, stores, roads, a place to see the sunset: Obviously the mall, but there are others as well. I like the Reston Library, my friend’s pool, and the ice cream store, Cold Stone Creamery in Vienna.

If you were king of your community, everyone would be kind to one another, and there would be no killings and hurting one another.

One thing you would change about your community: There would be less driving and polluting the air. You would be able to walk more places.

List your hobbies: I like to decorate, make jewelry and watch movies.

Describe how you would most like to spend one day? I would love to wake up knowing I didn’t have to do anything. Probably go to Virginia Beach with my boyfriend, Charlie, and my dog, Chloe, and spend the whole day at the beach! That would be a perfect day.

What is your favorite quotation?

My favorite quotation would have to be “Never give up,” because it inspires people and it has motivated me throughout my life!

If you could meet anyone else (any time in history), who would it be?

Marilyn Monroe, because when I was in high school, our teacher made us do a 13-page report on someone famous in history. I chose her.

Who has inspired you the most and why?

It most definitely would be my mother. She has never given up on me, and I know she never will. She is great!