Friends of UCM Visit Bryant Early Learning Center

Friends of UCM Visit Bryant Early Learning Center

Members of the Friends of UCM are doers. When they get together for their meetings, they plan, they strategize, and sometimes they visit some of the programs that benefits from their fund-raising efforts.

This past month, they visited the Bryant Early Learning (BEL) Center. Director Elizabeth McNally showed the group of about 15 women around the center. For those who hadn't been there before, it was quite impressive.

Approximately 100 children are served in this center, which is located in the lower level of the Bryant Alternative High School. While some of those are the children of the Project Opportunity students, the center is open to the public as well.

United Community Ministries (UCM) Development Officer Tracy Davis' son is at the center, as are Development Officer Deborah Halla's twins before she went on maternity leave with her new baby.

All of the rooms were bustling with activity as children played, did their lessons, ate lunch or got ready for naptime.

The BEL Center is always looking for volunteers to come in and help. They also need baby wipes, bibs, examination paper, food handling gloves, latex gloves, and upgraded copier and laminating paper.

For more information, call 703-765-0909.