Six Named Merit Semi-Finalists

Six Named Merit Semi-Finalists

For the first time in Herndon High School history, six members of the senior class were named as semi-finalists for the National Merit Scholar award.

"For an individual school to have more than one or two is great," said school principal Janice Leslie to the group of semi-finalists. "But to have six is incredible."

The top two-percent, or about 16,000 students, across the nation are nominated as semi-finalists for the award. Then, as the finalists are selected, that percentage decreases from two- to one-percent, based on the student's scores and final grade point average at the end of their senior year.

Seniors are notified of their eligibility based on their PSAT scores, from there they have to apply to become a National Merit Scholar by writing a personal essay, and submitting a biographical sheet, among other things.

This year's semi-finalists are: Paul Krumholz, Natalie Harold, Meghan Ingrisano, Jennifer Krammer, Elizabeth Lang and Sean Robinette.