TC Students Find Lady Luck

TC Students Find Lady Luck

Lady Luck has struck gold with T.C. Williams High School's production of "Guys and Dolls." Following last year's hit production of Cole Porter's "Anything Goes," T.C. Williams is preparing to end its spring season with Frank Loesser's tale of love and gambling in the bright lights of New York City in the 1940s.

New York is crawling with gamblers, all depending on Nathan Detroit (Kenny Hillary) to provide them with a place to shoot craps. At the same time the Big Apple is invaded by sinners, Sarah Brown (Emily Givens) has brought her Save-A-Soul mission to the city to clean up the souls of New York. Desperate for money, Detroit bets a famous gambler known for taking impossible bets named Sky Masterson (Zach Gerg) that he cannot get Miss Brown to go with him to Havana. A seemingly simple bet takes an unexpected turn taking the audience 90 miles offshore where love is in the air and Sky is faced with a feeling he has never experienced. Back in New York, Detroit has his own love troubles with Miss Adelaide (Brittany Harris) who is aching — literally —to get married after 14 years of being engaged.

Directed by Rahel Biru, "Guys and Dolls" will continue in a T.C. Williams tradition of student-directed plays. The student production staff includes choreographer Rachael Shane-Lydon, stage manager Shewit Giovanni, lighting designer Kathleen Newbould, and scenic designer Maggie Hunter who are all working hard to put together the technical side of the production.

Sporting a variety of talented leads, a skilled dance troupe, diverse ensemble, and a full pit orchestra of students, T.C.'s spring show will no doubt be a delightful time for everyone. A timeless musical about the barriers love can cross, "Guys and Dolls" is a fun family show for all ages.