Get to Know the RA Candidates

Get to Know the RA Candidates

The candidates for the RA elections state their qualifications and goals.

Reston residents will elect two members of the Reston Association Board of Directors this spring. A representative from the Hunters Woods/Dogwood District and a Director At Large will be elected in April. Candidates for the two seats had to complete a Statement and a Petition of Candidacy; the petition had to be signed by at least 25 households. Candidates for the Hunters Woods/Dogwood District had to be residents of the district and all forms had to be filed by 5 p.m., Friday, Feb. 11.

RA members can vote for the candidates via a mailed ballot or the Internet. Ballots are to be turned into the counting agent by 5 p.m., Friday, April 1. Members will also have three opportunities to meet the candidates at forums. They are planned for Wednesday, March 9, at Dogwood Elementary School; Saturday, March 12, at the RA; and Wednesday, March 16, at the Reston Community Center at Lake Anne. All of the forums will be televised on Comcast Reston Community Television channel 28.

Once elected, the two directors will serve three-year terms on the Board, determining RA’s policies, and thus have a direct impact on the happenings in the Reston community.

Of the four candidates who will be running for this election, three are running for the at-large seat, while one, Barbara Aaron, is running unchallenged for the Hunters Woods/Dogwood District seat. Aaron, the Hunters Woods incumbent, will therefore retain that position for another three years.

The at-large director seat will be left vacant by the departure of Vicky Wingert. The highest vote-getter of the three challengers will win the seat, provided that 10 percent of the eligible RA members vote in the election.

The term of the board of Apartment Owners’ representative Tim McMahon will also expire this spring and a person will be elected to that position as well. McMahon expressed interest in running for the position again. At press time, candidates for the position are still waiting for required endorsement. The RA executive vice president, Milton Matthews, said he hopes the names of the candidates for that position will be on the ballots, which will be mailed out to members on March 11.

At-Large Candidate

<ro>William J. Keefe

<lst>Statement of Qualifications

As a 27-year resident of Reston, I have been involved in many capacities in Reston, including:

* Reston Planning & Zoning Committee

* Reston Youth Basketball

* Reston 2000 Task Force

* Reston Community Center Governance Committee

* Reston Runners

* Father of Two Active Children

Statement of Goals: I have the highest regard for the Reston Association and its mission to serve its residents and ensure that Reston continues to be a first-class community open to all. The land use Planning is largely complete but now is the time for investment in the open space, trails, recreation facilities, and the infrastructure of Reston. Reston is no longer a "New Town." It is an aging community in need of improved trails, courts, and open space, especially for its teens and seniors. It is time to revise the Recreation Master Plan and address these new and changing recreation needs. To that end, I would like to see more recreation facilities built and improved in Reston not only by RA but by a consortium of RA, the County, the Reston Community Center, and the private sector to provide superior recreation facilities for the next 40 years and beyond.

At-Large Candidate

<ro>Gerald R. Volloy

<lst>Statement of Qualifications

* Immediate Past Reston Association Executive Vice President and CEO

* Certified Manager of Community Associations

* Graduate and Board Member of Leadership Fairfax

* Masters Degree in Executive Development in Public Service

* Executive Management Background and Experience from Vice Presidential to CEO Levels, to include P&L Responsibilities.

Statement of Goals:

To continue to protect the values and character of our community which make Reston the greatest community in which I have ever lived.

As RA's Executive Vice President, my tenure was characterized by significant year-after-year achievements. My goal would be to execute and bring to fruition those yet unrealized plans, programs and resources I put in place, and the new future initiatives developed by the outstanding RA staff and approved by the RA Board of Directors.

To ensure the Board's participation, involvement and planning related to issues of consequence relevant to Reston’s growth, development, and re-development.

To use my executive management background and experience to develop and implement solid financial and strategic planning, providing the policy decisions and direction needed to meet the future Member needs, while always, always communicating with and seeking the input of our Members related to the proposed decisions of the Board.

At-Large Candidate

<ro>Brian "Rock" Brown

<bt>Statement of Qualifications:

* Knowledge about city planning issues, in tune with local politics, and passionate about living in Reston.

* Former U.S. Marine.

* George Mason University graduate in Health, Fitness and Recreation, and Resource Management.

* Environmentally concerned and want to maintain and improve upon the nature and beauty of Reston.

Statement of Goals:

I will use my people skills, leadership skills, and knowledge of city planning, politics and Reston itself to contribute to making Reston an even better place to call home. Some of my effort will focus on maintaining current projects that add value to life in Reston, and the rest will be on listening to Reston residents, and acting in sound ways to improve upon what the Board is already doing. I will suggest changes only when I have a viable solution to existing problems, and I will not criticize the current system unless I have a good idea for a better way to accomplish a particular goal. I am an idea man, so there will be no shortage of suggestions coming to the board. Any suggestions I make will be made in diplomatic fashion, and I hope most of these ideas will stem directly from my conversations with you.

Hunters Woods/Dogwood Candidates

<ro>Barbara Aaron

<lst>Statement of Qualifications:

* Reston resident beginning in 1975. Degree in Economics from Duke University.

* Active real estate agent since 1975, experiencing Reston's change and growth over the years.

* Past President of the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce.

* Board member of the Reston-Herndon YMCA.

* Currently a Reston Association Director representing Hunters Woods/Dogwood.

Statement of Goals:

The RA Board of Directors is the policy-making arm of the Association; we need to take a strong leadership role this year in developing and implementing Governing Documents that will govern us for the future. We must look to the needs of our members as well as those of our land and physical plant, and must plan for continued fiscal stability.

Transportation issues will be a major issue for Reston in the coming years. The Association needs to work with other groups, such as the Chamber, to coordinate efforts to work for the future of Reston.

The Association must also continue to improve communications with the members, with easier access to information online, by telephone, in newsletters, and in person. The Reston Association should be viewed as a resource for our members, acting as consultants rather that watchdogs.