Maude Turns Two

Maude Turns Two

Clients and friends of Maude on Station Street were invited to the salon for its October birthday bash Saturday night.

Opened two years ago by Tina Jay, Celeste Williams and Vanessa Rose, the salon at the corner of Lynn and Station streets almost doubled its size a few months ago when a neighboring salon moved out. Since then, the space that was once cozy has opened up to allow a reception area — full of hair products and eclectic gifts — as well as a larger salon area where the stylists' chairs face varying directions in the middle of the room.

During Saturday night's party the chairs were moved to the side — some even outside — to make room for hors d'oeuvres, a birthday cake and a towering pyramid of hot pink cupcakes.

Hostesses in cabaret-style dresses, makeup and hair walked through the crowded salon passing around hors d'oeuvre platters, taking drink orders and ensuring guests were having a good time.

When guests were not mingling with Jay, Williams, Rose or meeting fellow clients they had the option to participate in other events. Some waited in line to have a Tarot card reading by Dawn Kull of Love is There ..., while others enjoyed a massage by Tiffany Blackden of For Health and Balance, a Herndon-based therapeutic massage business. When the inside of the salon started to get crowded, other guests spilled onto Station Street either to mingle or have their face read by Rose Rosetree, author of "The Power of Face Reading." Other party events included a disc jockey, fresh-spun cotton candy and spin art.