Celebrating Constitution Day

Celebrating Constitution Day

The Sulgrave Manor Civic Association held its first celebration of Constitution Day Sept. 18 at the home of legal scholar Linda R. Monk, author of "The Words We Live By: Your Annotated Guide to the Constitution."

Residents and their children enjoyed birthday cake, ice cream and locally brewed root beer.

President Dave Reynolds welcomed guests to what will become an annual event. This year for the first time the federal government mandated the celebration of Constitution Day Sept. 17, the anniversary of the document's signing in Philadelphia. Monk, chair of the community's welcoming committee, emphasized that Sulgrave Manor, as a former part of Washington's Mount Vernon estate, had a unique association with the Constitution. Washington left retirement at Mount Vernon to preside over the Constitutional Convention in 1787. Monk recited a "Top 10 List" of reasons that area residents should celebrate Constitution Day.

The crowd seemed particularly amused with Reason Number 2: "The Constitution created the presidency, so without it Washington would never have become the first president--and then what would have happened to our property values?"

Greg Scoma, a resident of Sulgrave Manor and candidate for the Virginia House of Delegates in the 44th district, noted the presence of both Democrats and Republicans at the event and said, "We celebrate the work of our forbearers and the documents they produced that today allow us to have freedoms and differences within the safe boundaries of our democracy. The U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights are documents that continue to bind us together as a nation and as a community."

Scoma also heads the public safety committee for Sulgrave Manor. Other officers present included Sec. Richard Priest, environment and recreation chair Jim Davis, and education chair Connie Lorentzen. Louise Priest and new resident Bobbi Butler helped with organizing the event. Also attending were members of the Matteo, Okstulski, Quick, Kwelberg, Everson, Briar, Wood, Vonier, Butler, Cook families.