Learning About Tech Theatre at Mount Vernon

Learning About Tech Theatre at Mount Vernon

At Mount Vernon High School, Technical Theatre used to be a small part of standard acting classes, but now, for the first time a class is offered, where students can focus completely on technical aspects of the theatre.

The students in the tech class play a vital role in the making of all productions within the Mount Vernon Drama Depart-ment. From construction and costumes on stage to lighting and sound above it, tech students are learning valuable hands on skills.

Students work on several projects in the theatre and in the class room for one hour every day during third period.

Many of the students volunteer to stay after school to complete tasks. Various Saturdays are open to students in the drama department who wish to contribute to the current production.

Guided by teacher/director David Schmidt the students have learned through practical experience the design process of a theatrical production.

With a class of more than twenty students, they have been able to construct a large portion of the set for Mount Vernon’s fall musical, Grease.

Many returning students, including Head Tech Keilee Rains, sophomore, are eager to learn about the new light board brought in a few weeks ago and the new sound board brought in over the summer. The theatre is undergoing many upgrades this year.

All in all many great things are expected to come from the new class. And hopes of expanding the tech class for next year are frequent among many members of the MVHS Drama Department.