Neighborhood: Old Town June 13-20

Neighborhood: Old Town June 13-20


Over the years, the Historic Alexandria Foundation (HAF) has meant many things to Old Town.

First and foremost, this venerable port city icon has served as a key guardian of our gates — a big-time player in the role of maintaining the historic integrity of the town. HAF serves as a watchdog against those who would do serious damage to the city’s precarious trust — the glorious fabric of what defines Alexandria.

HAF plays another role not nearly so well known but also important. It acts as the "Candy Man" to encourage others in projects that advance Old Town's restoration and preservation goals. This year the Candy Man voted to spread $20,000 among five grant proposals — an action that was announced at the HAF annual meeting earlier this month.


The Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum will get $5,000 for a conservation project. The Lee-Fendall House Museum will receive $5,000 for restoration of the structural sill and framing element to support the north exterior wall of the main block of that gorgeous old house. Alexandria Archaeology will get $3,000 for its digital atlas project. The Athenaeum is on the Candyman's list for $5,000 for its building restoration project — to be applied to a matching grant of a $75,000 grant from Save America's Treasures. Finally, Gadsby's Tavern Museum can look forward to a $2,000 HAF grant for restoration of a subterranean ice well.

Good work, Candy Man!

Meantime, the HAF continues to spruce up its own Alexandria Academy, will get a facelift shortly, part of the ongoing restoration of that lovely old structure.

— Bob Feldkamp