Best of McLean

Best of McLean

What do you like most about living in McLean?


Risa Sanders


H. Edwina


Sylvia Buckland

<b>Risa Sanders, McLean Community Center Board Member</b>

"The proximity to the District while enjoying a wonderful, small town community neighborhood."

<b>H. Edwina, McLean resident for 35 years</b>

"Well, I like all of it. My favorite part is probably the community center ... I would tell newcomers to join the center to get acquainted with a lot of people."

<b>Sylvia Buckland, McLean Community Center Administrative Assistant</b>

"The people. They are very diverse, very friendly and very outgoing."

<b>Tom Marshall, Former member of the McLean Community Center Governing Board</b>

"My favorite part is that we have our own community center, which is unique because it is funded by those who live in a special tax-district so we have more control of what we want to have in the center."