Great Falls Moments: Area Beauty in Pictures

Great Falls Moments: Area Beauty in Pictures


Falls at Dawn


Falls in Silk


Morning in the Mather Gorge


The Old Schoolhouse


The Village Green


Colvin Run Mill


Observatory Park


The Historic Colvin Run Schoolhouse


Bluebells at Riverbend


Climbing the Cliffs


White-tailed Doe


Enjoying the Water


Stained Glass Window at Salem Baptist Church


Pileated Woodpecker

<b>Falls at Dawn </b>

This wide angle image was taken early on a spring morning and portrays the falls as though they might have been painted with the water flowing smoothly through the scene.

<b>Falls in Silk</b>

This is a telephoto shot taken on a foggy morning. The slow shutter speed gives the water a very silky look and the lack of sunlight provides a very monochromatic image.

<b>Morning in the Mather Gorge </b>

It is surprising the many folks do not really know that the Mather Gorge runs along the border of Great Falls Park and extends for about a mile below the falls once the river disappears from view as you stand at the overlooks. The image was taken on a fall morning from the eastern most end of the gorge shooting up river. The gorge is named after Stephen Mather who was named as the first director of the National Park Service in 1916. This is one of my favorite spots to shoot along the river as it is always a peaceful spot from which to observe the river and wildlife.

<b>The Old Schoolhouse </b>

The Old Schoolhouse now called the Forestville School is located on Georgetown Pike in the heart of Great Falls and has had a long and varied history. When I first moved to Great Falls in 1977 it was used as our Post Office and had previously been a church, library, bank and private residence and probably several other roles during its lifetime. It is now administered by the Fairfax County Park Authority. This image was taken in spring late one afternoon and the setting sun cast very soft slanted shadows across the front of the building.

<b>The Village Green</b>

In the heart of Great Falls is the Village Green which is home to retail shops, offices and the Old Brogue Restaurant. During the summer on Sunday evenings families gather around the bandstand to listen to live music. This shot was taken on an evening in June.

<b>Colvin Run Mill </b>

This is one of the most well known landmarks in Great Falls and is also administered by the Fairfax County Park Authority. This shot was taken after a winter storm passed through and the image provides a feeling from another era.

<b>Observatory Park,</b>

There is no better place in the area to observe the heavens than Observatory Park. This image was taken one evening as a plane was coming into Dulles.

<b>The Historic Colvin Run Schoolhouse ,</b>

The Colvin Run Schoolhouse is a true historic treasure of Great Falls. It was originally built around 1895 and is used today predominately for dancing. Arthur Godfrey, former radio and TV personality, used to belong to the Colvin Run Citizens Association and used to announce the Saturday night dances on his radio show. This image was taken during a spring evening from in front of Thelma’s Store.

<b>Bluebells at Riverbend: </b>

This image was taken in Riverbend Park early one morning as the sun was coming up over the Potomac. There are several areas along the river where the Bluebells thrive in the early spring.

<b>Climbing the Cliffs: </b>

This image of a Great Blue Heron was taken in Great Falls Park, the bird almost appears to be suspended in air as its flight path takes it ever higher against the rocky walls of the falls.

<b>White-tailed Doe </b>

While most residents feel that there are too many deer in the area as they consume a lot of vegetation, there are some instances where these creatures do strike some beautiful poses. This was taken in my own yard.

<b>Enjoying the Water </b>

One afternoon I was shooting a group of kayakers right at water level at the base of the falls and this image seemed to illustrate the depths that some will go to enjoy their sport.

<b>Stained Glass Window at Salem Baptist Church</b>

The church is located near the intersection of Georgetown Pike and Seneca Road and there are two of these windows one on either side of the entryway. The church is in great need of repair and this image seems to reflect that need and at the same time displaying the beauty in the glasswork.

<b>Pileated Woodpecker</b>

The Pileated Woodpecker is a large bird, about 17 inches tall, and is very common to our area. This image was taken in the morning Great Falls Park.

<b>Thelma’s Place </b>

While Thelma’s Store is gone, the memory of her, the store and the ice cream lives on.