Local Musicians Head to Waterfront

Local Musicians Head to Waterfront

Carbon Copy will perform at Red Cross Waterfront Festival on Saturday, June 14.


Carbon Copy

The members of Carbon Copy got their start as musicians in the Alexandria Public School band or orchestras. They have one official cd with all the songs being written by members of the band, out and samples available on their Myspace page. They will be performing at the festival on Saturday, June 14 at 11:30 a.m. Kayla McCormick answered the questions.

<b>Names and roles in band:

</b>Lead Singer/guitar/hamonica/sax: Chris Carrigan; Electric Guitar: Burd Boonyoo; Electric Violin: Kayla McCormick; Bass: Brian Griffith; Drums/Percussion: Jesse McCormick.

<b>How long have you been a musician? What made you start playing an instrument?

-</b>I have been musician for 10 years. I started playing violin when I was in 4th grade and since then I have expanded to experimenting on my main position in the band which is electric violin, and then on the side guitar and base. Everyone in the band started out being a musician in the Alexandria City Public Schools in band or orchestra.

<b>How long has the band been together?

</b>Carbon Copy has been together for about 5 years.

<b>Number of cds out:

</b>There is one official EP out called “Act Your Age.” There has also been small samplers You can check out our music on Myspace.com/Carboncopyva

<b>How did you form the band?

</b>The band was formed to be a Dave Matthews Cover Band. After a while there was an reform where the lead singer Anthony Lankford stepped out and Chris Carrigan stepped up to be the lead singer. LJ Harbin then stepped in to be the lead guitarist and Carbon Copy went from there.

<b>What kind of/genre of music do you perform?

</b>We are considered to be Alternative/Rock. The best part of us is that all the members of the band bring different music tastes to the table. We have traces of funk, hard rock, mixed in with a jazz feel.

<b>Where are some of the locations that you have performed together?

</b>Carbon Copy has been seen from political parties for Mayor Euille, playing for Del Ray's First Thursdays on the avenue, Battle of the bands at Nations in D.C., Battle of the Bands at the 9:30 club, the telethon for Alexandria's Scholarship Fund, The Waterfront Festival, playing at First Night Alexandria, playing at the Old Town Theatre opening for bands like Jack's House, playing at Jammin Java, and other community based events around the city of Alexandria.

<b>What are some of the accomplishments you have done together as a band?

</b>We have become a recognizable band in Alexandria, We have won First Night Alexandria, We have fully created a fully produced EP, and we have grown as musicians that reach out the community.

<b>Best memory while performing:

</b>There are so many memories of amazing moments when performing. Standing on the stage at the 9:30 club in front of a packed crowd was definitely one of them. All the other memories consist of those performances where we are having fun and interacting with the crowd to have them share in the fun.

<b>Worst memory while performing:

</b>The worst memory, probably the one performance when we were recreating ourselves and we weren't exactly practiced enough. Another really ironic one was not really completely bad. It rained at one of our first outside events; we had to run all the equipment to cover. Once we got everything off stage it stopped raining. It was funny more than anything and we were having fun.

<b>Have you guys been recognized outside of the arena, and how does that affect your everyday life?

</b>Definitely. I am usually asked if I'm "the violin chick from Carbon Copy." People have heard about the band from other friends that we have never met that just happen to hear us in someone’s car on a burned CD. It's amazing how word travels. I met one guy once that was a college recruit from Ohio that saw us at a First Thursday on the Avenue event. A week later at the college fair at T.C. Williams he pulled me aside and told me he was from Ohio but saw me at the show and thought we were awesome. Small world.

<b>What is the best advice you got?

</b>Approaching the Music business with the attitude of getting big and being a rock star will not get you very far. You have to take any opportunity that comes your way and have fun with it. It's amazing how a good attitude on stage and good stage presence in relation to the audience can make your band really memorable. You are a performer for the audience, and you must think of them when you are doing your thing.

<cll>Have you gone on tour, and if so, what do you do for fun while on the road? What is the hardest thing about being on tour?

</b>We haven't been on tour even though we have considered it. Between the cost of managing that and most of the members in college, it's a work in progress.

<b> How did growing up in Alexandria help your love of music or your career?

</b>Alexandria has great music opportunities starting with the school music programs that really push students to perfect their musical skills. The telethon and teen talent search also are attractive opportunities that are at the fingertips of kids to get into music to perform.

<b>What are some of your favorite venues to perform in the area?

</b>First Thursdays were really fun venues. It was the essence of being in the center of the community with people walking by and stopping to watch and dance to the music. The best part was when the parents would let the children come right in front of the band to dance and smile. First Night Alexandria was the same way, all of our peers and families come together to celebrate the New Year and enjoy all the music that the night offers.

<b>What are some of your favorite places to hang out in Alexandria?

</b>Old Town and I personally love bowling, so the Bowling alley on Pickett St. I work at Buzz Bakery and love hanging out to drink coffee and eat something while being on my laptop.