State Champs: The Roster

State Champs: The Roster


Thomas called junior forward Edward Jenkins the “heart of his team.” Jenkins came up with 22 points in the state championship.

<b>Cortez Taylor</b>

<i>No. 21, sophomore guard</i>

Thomas’ Take: He’s a great player, who led the jayvee team to first place in the district. We brought him up three games before the end of the season. He’s a good, solid player.

<b>Travis Berry </b>

<i>No. 5, senior guard</i>

Thomas’ Take: Travis is a jewel for you to have as a coach because he’s instant offense. Travis can shoot as well as any player in this area…he’s deceptively quick and can get to the basket quicker than you think he can. He’s one of those kids that can take my lashing and it doesn’t get down on him…it doesn’t effect him. He understands what I mean…He’s a confident guy on the court and our team fed off that.

<b>Tomas Camara </b>

<i>No. 40 Senior center</i>

Thomas’ Take: Rebound, that’s all we wants to do. That’s his goal, double-digit rebounds. He’s only been playing organized basketball for two years.

<b>Javonta Campbell</b>

<i>No. 3, senior point guard</i>

Thomas’ Take: He’s a calm guy…Javonta knew every play and could play some lockdown defense. He’s a pure point guard because he wants to get everyone else involved. He’s a throwback point.

<b>Ricky Colbert </b>

<i>No. 1, senior guard</i>

Thomas’ Take: He gave us quality minutes off the bench, even though he didn’t play every game. He has a knack of getting to the basket. It was tough on him…he needed to learn the system, but once he did, he gave us a huge spark. He is a guy who can do a lot with the ball, but he just had to learn the system first.

<b>Dominique Copeland </b>

<i>No. 12, junior guard</i>

Thomas’ Take: Dominique is a coach on the bench. He understands everything I want. Sometimes his body couldn’t do what his mind wanted, but he understood everything. He’s a football player and brought that tough mentality and blue collar work ethic. When I need a defensive stop, I put him in the game. He will be a coach, mark my word.

<b>Ben Dickinson </b>

<i>No. 14, freshman forward</i>

Thomas’ Take: He gave us some quality minutes early on in the year. Going into the tournament [before he went on vacation for 10 days], we were thinking we could put him in and get a lot of guys in foul trouble. He has the best post moves on our team. Benjamin will be a player.

<b>Edward Jenkins </b>

<i>No. 23, junior guard</i>

Thomas’ Take: He’s the heart of this team…you just saw a spark in the championship game (22 points) of what he can do…he can actually shoot it from full speed from behind the three-point arc…When he gets it going, he’s tough to guard. He’s going to be a heckuva player.

<b>Joshua Jordan </b>

<i>No. 33, senior forward</i>

Thomas’ Take: Josh has great post moves. He has excellent explosiveness off the floor. It was just a matter of confidence. When he got that confidence, he did it. You saw that in the King’s Fork game.

<b>Joseph Moses </b>

<i>No. 22, sophomore guard</i>

Thomas’ Take: If Joe hadn’t got injured...he’s a lefty, the goal was to put in a different type of system. I had five lefties. We were going to play with that a little bit. It’s tough to guard left-handed players.

<b>Gavin Peterson </b>

<i>No. 15, junior guard</i>

Thomas’ Take: He’s a great scorer. But in the type of offense that we play, we have to bend him to what we wanted…he did provide a spark off the bench at times, especially in the semifinals. I was happy for Gavin. I think he found his niche and next year, I think he will do big things in that backcourt.

<b>Earl Via </b>

<i>No, 10, senior forward</i>

Thomas’ Take: He became a practice player and sometime that’s how it is. The kid can get it done. Some our my other role players…I guarantee you they can start on other teams in Northern Virginia, which allowed our practices to be so competitive.

<b>Marcus Via </b>

<i>No. 2, junior forward</i>

Thomas’ Take: Marcus can flat out shoot the ball from outside. Sometimes I called other guy’s number [in the games], but he was a heckuva practice player. He was a great scout player for us in practice and also gave us quality minutes early on, especially defensively.

<b>Anthony Winbush </b>

<i>No. 4, senior forward</i>

Thomas’ Take: He’s the brains and the calmness of the team. Winbush just did everything for us…The value of him being out there was more than the stat line could tell. Who can guard him? No one can…I can only imagine Winbush at the next level.

<b>Ryan Yates </b>

<i>No. 35, sophomore forward</i>

Thomas’ Take: He can guard anybody…he was shocked to be in the starting lineup. I told him, ‘you’re not in this starting lineup to necessarily score.’ The first three games were tough for him, but by t we got midseason, he bought into the defensive thing…every game, we put him on the [opponent’s] best offensive player. He’s going to be a Division I player.