McLean is a home to some of the finest schools. The picture above captured the 2008 McLean High School graduation ceremony.

The Connection will publish back-to-school articles in the weeks before school begins this fall. Open houses, as well as basic staff information and school facts, are listed below. Visit the Fairfax County Public Schools Web site at for more information, as well as links to individual school Web sites.

<b>Chesterbrook Elementary School</b>

1753 Kirby Road, McLean


Grades: K-6

First opened: 1906

Enrollment: 536

Principal: Robert C. Fuqua

PTA president: Greg Brandon

Special programs: community outreach activities associated with homeless shelters, a retirement home and a buddy school, ESOL.

McLean High School pyramid, cluster 1

<b>Churchill Road Elementary School</b>

7100 Churchill Road, McLean


Attendance: 703-288-8484

Grades: K-6

Enrollment: 705

Principal: Don Hutzel

PTA president: Cat Lippman

Special programs: gifted and talented, ESOL, special education.

Langley High School pyramid, cluster 1

<b>Franklin Sherman Elementary School</b>

6630 Brawner St., McLean


Grades: preschool and K-6

First opened: 1914

Enrollment: 376

Principal: Dr. Vicki Duling

PTA president: Michelle Sandler

Special programs: community social service projects, buddy programs, ESOL, special education.

McLean High School pyramid, cluster 1

<b>Haycock Elementary School</b>

6616 Haycock Road, Falls Church


Grades: K-6

Enrollment: 714

Principal: Maureen Boland

PTA presidents: Samantha Wright

Special programs: gifted and talented, ESOL, special education.

McLean High School pyramid, cluster 1

<b>Kent Gardens Elementary School</b>

1717 Melbourne Drive, McLean


Grades: K-6

First opened: 1958

Enrollment: 917

Principal: Robyn Hooker

PTA president: Richard Sargent

Special programs: school/business partnership with IMC, school/business partnership with Apple Federal Credit Union and National Wildlife Federation, partial French Immersion program, ESOL.

McLean High School pyramid, cluster 1

<b>Spring Hill Elementary School</b>

8201 Lewinsville Road, McLean


Grades: K-6

Enrollment: 879

Principal: Roger Vanderhye

PTO president: Mary Welch

Special Programs: ESOL, gifted and talented program, character education program, outreach program, business partnership with Save the Rainforest, Rising Stars, and Sunrise Assisted Living.

Langley High School pyramid, cluster 1

<b>Cooper Middle School</b>

977 Balls Hill Road, McLean


Grades: 7-8

First opened: 1962

Enrollment: 904

Principal: Arlene Randall

PTA president: Ali Regen

Special programs: Partial Japanese immersion program, ESOL, special education, business partnership with Books-a--Million

Langley High School pyramid, cluster 1

<b>Longfellow Middle School</b>

2000 Westmoreland St., Falls Church


Grades: 7-8

First opened: 1961

Enrollment: 1058

Principal: Carole Kihm

PTA president: Wilma Bowers

Special programs: GT, GT-school based, ESOL, French immersion, business partnership with Booz Allen Hamilton.

McLean High School pyramid, cluster 1

<b>Langley High School</b>

Grades: 9-12

First opened: 1965

Enrollment: 2,083

Principal: Matthew Ragone

PTSA presidents: Michelle Shaw

Web site:,

Address: 6520 Georgetown Pike, McLean

Phone number: 703-287-2700

SAT Verbal average: 597

SAT Math average: 612

AYP reading: 98.2 percent

AYP math: 92.6 percent

Economically disadvantaged: 1 percent

Limited English proficiency: 3.4 percent

Students with disabilities: 11 percent

White: 73.5 percent

Black: 1.8 percent

Hispanic: 3 percent

Asian/Pacific Islander: 17.9 percent

<b>George C. Marshall High School</b>

7731 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church


Grades: 9-12

Enrollment: 1325

Principal: Jay Pearson

PTA President: Malou Rennert

SAT verbal average: 544

Math average: 561

AYP reading: 94.7 percent

AYP math: 84.8 percent

Economically disadvantaged: 15.2 percent

Limited English Proficient: 15.2 percent

Students with disabilities: 15.7 percent

White: 56.1 percent

Black: 7.7 percent

Hispanic: 12.5 percent

Asian/Pacific Islander: 19.7 percent

<b>McLean High School</b>

1633 Davidson Road, McLean


Grades: 9-12

First opened: 1955

Enrollment: 1768

Principal: Dr. Deborah Jackson

PTSA president: Susan Perla

SAT verbal average: 583

SAT math average: 602

AYP reading: 93.1 percent

AYP math: 88.7 percent

Economically disadvantaged: 6.4 percent

Limited English Proficient: 4.3 percent

Students with disabilities: 12.1 percent

White: 65.8 percent

Black: 3.1 percent

Hispanic: 8.3 percent

Asian/Pacific Islander: 18.9 percent