Talk of the Town: Summer Trends

Talk of the Town: Summer Trends

As seasons change, it's time to change your wardrobe

For The Wanderer, switching seasons is simply a matter of trading his fleece for a polo shirt, his corduroys for khakis, his serious shoes for loafers. However, he understands that the ladies of Alexandria take seasonal fashion much more seriously. To better appreciate this universal absorption among our fairer sex, he will accompany his favorite female to these local purveyors of fine fashion with the sports page in hand.

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<b>Shoe Hive</b>

127 South Fairfax, 703-548-7105,

A great summer outfit requires the perfect shoe and a must-have handbag. The Shoe Hive is buzzing with all the latest trends from the sexy wedge to elegant nude pumps. Elizabeth Todd has assembled some of the finest in footwear from the most exciting designers. Find Kate Spade, Tory Burch, Bettye Muller, Butter, Sam Edelman, Michael Kors and more.


125 South Fairfax St., 703-548-1615,

Beautiful, feminine, fashion-forward pieces for every budget. For this season Alicia McCaslin has found a little Black Swan (Allison Parris Tutu dress), Parisian Chic (Alexander Berardi Bea Sway Dress), and Prints of Style (Leaf Print Sundress Allison Parris). Whites are in especially when paired with pops of color.


103 S St Asaph St., 703-535-3294,

Jen Donahue says, “Don't be afraid of adding some color to your wardrobe, summer is the best time to experiment.” Come see the trends of tops and dresses in many gorgeous shades of blue, green, coral and red at the Style in Bloom, summer fashion show charity event co-hosted with/at Salon deZEN on Saturday, April 30, at 7:30 p.m. to benefit the Alexandria Women's Shelter.

<b>Zoe Boutique</b>

130 S. Union St., 571-970-6324,

Old Town welcomes Zoe, a new boutique, where Susan Gerock presents stylish, unique and timeless pieces you haven’t seen in Alexandria before now! The shop will be celebrating a Grand Opening this weekend.


325 Cameron St., 703-836-6969,

A fixture in Old Town for a generation. Beautiful artistic clothing from natural fibers in an eclectic boutique setting that has attracted clientele from all over the area. Lines include Flax, Eileen Fisher, Putymayo and Two Star Dog. Wedding and special occasion dresses are a large draw.

<b>Donna Lewis</b>

309 B Cameron St., 703-548-2452

Step off of Cameron street and follow the gas lanterns into a charming stone alley and you will find a boutique as lovely as its location. Sophisticated, classic clothing with shoes and accessories that will look marvelous for years are the hallmark of Donna Lewis!


1557 Potomac Greens Drive, 703-519-5242,

Periwinkle is just off the beaten path next to Rustico at Potomac Greens. It is worth the trip to find a treasure trove of unique dresses, statement shoes, delicate and “look-at-me” accessories backed up with knowledgeable sales staff to assure that you get the balance right!


3660 King St., The Shops at Bradlee, 703-379-7800

Always the first to get the season rolling every year with their newest selection of lovely, comfortable, Fresh Produce clothing. Stylish tots can find sweet spring togs and adorable rain gear to beat the spring showers!


2205 Mount Vernon Ave, 703-549-0813,

Darby and Neil have a fantastic selection of clothing and accessories at every price point for every occasion. Browse their wonderful selection and if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for always ask for help! At Kiskadee they enjoy the opportunity to help clients find a thoughtful gift or put the perfect outfit together for any occasion.