Letter: Laws That Violate Woman’s Right

Letter: Laws That Violate Woman’s Right

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Anne Gruner's letter to the editor ["General Assembly More Productive Than reported," Connection, March 28-April 3, 2012] fails to note that the General Assembly's job is specifically to pass legislation as it relates to the Commonwealth of Virginia. Should we commend the General Assembly for doing its job? I hardly think so. Her letter commends our Delegate's accomplishments, as Ms. Comstock herself does so frequently, strangely, on this specific opinion page. The contents of the page week in and week out lead me to believe it is the "Barbara Comstock Weekly 'Look What I've Done' Journal" and not an opinion page. Your newspaper should report her work like news, not like an opinion. By the way, I do not favor any Democrats doing the same.

Nevertheless, the point here is that it is one thing for the Legislature to pass bills that purportedly help create jobs and help our communities in some way but it is quite another that they pass laws which violate a woman's right to choose her medical care. It is simply outrageous that Ms. Comstock voted in favor of such a law that would take away a woman's right to choose her own health care and instead force the Government to make health decisions for that woman. We live in a country where a woman's right to choose is the law and also supported by a majority of people in the Commonwealth of Virginia as it is throughout the United States.

Robert Cox