McLean Letter: Why Comstock?

McLean Letter: Why Comstock?

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

The one note campaign of LuAnn Bennett, heard all around the town of McLean and the 10th congressional district seems to be that - she doesn’t like Donald Trump. Join the crowd. Few do, but so many don’t like Hillary Clinton either. This is a horrid Presidential race with poor choices all around. People are going to decide what they want to do about that race without any help from LuAnn Bennett or any other campaign or individual. It’s that simple.

When voters choose candidates for Congress in McLean–it shouldn’t be about either of these dreadful choices for President–but about the two candidates running for the job. LuAnn Bennett has made clear her “Johnny-one- note” campaign is not about issues. That’s not surprising.

She hasn’t lived in McLean for most of the past decade. She talks about the 10th district, but has much more in common with the 8th district (where I happen to live by a few blocks in McLean)…one that her former husband, Jim Moran, the former left-wing Democrat Congressman who represented Alexandria and Arlington, held.

Bennett was married to former Congressman Jim Moran from the 8th District and then lived in Washington, D.C., after being done with him. You won’t find that on her Facebook page.

Yet, Congresswoman Barbara Comstock has always been her own woman and a woman of significant personal and legislative accomplishments. She has served the 10th District and McLean with honor. Her work in the Virginia General Assembly was also special.

Check out her website. See all she has done. It is amazing.

She has been a leader for our region on stopping the defense sequester cuts; passing a 5 year transportation bill; cutting our personal, small business and research and development taxes. She is leader on technology and now serves as a Chairwoman of the Research and Technology Subcommittee in Congress. She has long been a leader passing legislation to stop human trafficking and now has become a champion for those who are battling addictions like heroin – helping pass the landmark legislation just signed into law.

She also has the support of every business group – the Chamber, small business groups, Realtors, Credit Unions and contractors and others. It’s no wonder the serious Democrats couldn’t get anyone who was living in Virginia’s 10th to run against Congresswoman Comstock. Nancy Pelosi imported her opponent from the Ritz Carlton in D.C. and tore her away from her D.C. based business. Now it’s clear that LuAnn Bennett doesn’t want to run against Barbara Comstock either and is instead going to run a one note, negative campaign devoid of substance.

Padraic Buckley