Centre View Crime Report -- April 19

Centre View Crime Report -- April 19

Activities reported by the Sully police department through April 13.


5600 block of Stone Road, April 9, 7 p.m. The victim reported a man approached her with a handgun displayed and demanded money from the cash register. She opened the drawer and stepped away. The suspect took cash and fled.


4100 block of Weeping Willow Court, April 10, 2:30 p.m. The victim reported she felt someone following her on the sidewalk. She stepped aside to allow him to pass. The suspect approached, grabbed her crotch and fled. The victim was not injured.


5900 block of One Penny Drive, April 8, 12:30 p.m. Animal Control officers responded for a reported dog bite. The suspect dog, a Yellow Labrador Retriever, allegedly was running at large and attacked a neighbor dog. The victim was attempting to separate the two dogs and was bitten. The Yellow Lab was routinely quarantined for 10 days.


10700 block of Almond St., April 9, 1:30 p.m. Officers responded for a Rottweiler that got out of his yard and attacked an 82-year-old Fairfax woman. The victim was transported with non-life threatening injuries. The dog was turned over to the shelter.


6700 block of Cedar Spring Road. Copper wire from residence.

6800 block of Cottingham Lane. Tools from vehicle.

5900 block of Havener House Way. Tools from vehicle.

14000 block of Lee Jackson Memorial Highway. Packets of aroma therapy from business.

14100 block of Saint Germain Drive. Beer from business.

4600 block of Stonecroft Blvd. Wallet from business.

12600 block of Water St. Beer from business.

5000 block of Westfields Blvd. Tip box from business.