Lorton Insiders Perspective

Lorton Insiders Perspective

What’s the greatest thing about living in Lorton?


Anna Goodwin

Anna Goodwin, rising West Springfield High School senior, resident for two months

“My favorite thing about Lorton is the series of wooded paths that run throughout the neighborhoods. It’s more interesting to run through the woods compared to your typical suburban block. I’m kind of new to the area, and my neighbors as well as the community were really welcoming. I also like that a lot of the schools are in walking distance; although I graduated from 6th grade already, I’m excited that my little brother will be so close.”


David Cole

David Cole, consultant, resident for two years

“I really like the lack of congestion in the area. Lorton is a good central location for shopping, and it’s also not a bad commute when you have to go into Washington D.C. The park system is also really nice and my six-year-olds love swimming and playing in the neighborhoods. Overall it’s pretty perfect.”


Janice Renfor

Janice Renfor, office manager, resident for 17 years

“I enjoy how much there is to do here. There’s swimming, biking, kayaking. I have five children and they loved exploring the parks and the outdoors side of Lorton. I’m content here, especially when you compare it to other parts of the Washington area. The congestion is not bad either.”


Tom Lienay

Tom Lienay, special education teacher, resident for 27 years

“The greatest thing Lorton has to offer is the availability of jobs. Given the economy and compared to other cities, there are a lot of openings in the wanted ads. My daughter grew up here and really enjoyed playing soccer for South County. I think my advice to newcomers would be to beware of the crowds and occasional traffic jam.”


Kathryn Boudreau

Kathryn Boudreau, air force retiree, resident for 10 years

“The proximity to Washington D.C. is one of the great things about Lorton. We also have an excellent park system; Burke Lake Park is gorgeous and right around the corner. The traffic can get pretty bad, but overall my family has had a good experience here. My son just graduated from Lake Braddock and it was a huge part of his life.”


Sandra Keith

Sandra Keith, retired nurse, resident for 24 years

“I love to shop everywhere. So the location of all the stores and Gold’s Gym is really convenient for me. Lorton has a lot to offer in terms of history and the fact that it’s a neat town. There’s definitely a big sense of community and involvement that comes from living here.”