Taylor Run


A certain amount of dissatisfaction with our current political setup raised its head in write-in votes for the recent election. A total of 73,657 votes were cast in Alexandria. Most of these people went with the majority in supporting major party candidates. There were 130 write-in votes for President and 138 votes for Senator. Eight people wanted Hilary Clinton to be president, 36 voted for Ron Paul, and one for Sponge Bob SquarePants. Someone looking into the distant past voted for Abraham Lincoln and another for George Washington. A monarchist put in a request for King George III. Nine people said no or none of the above. Disney characters are always popular in elections. There were votes for Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Daffy and Pluto. There was one vote for Bruce Wayne, who is, my grandson tells me, better known as Batman. Votes in Alexandria that I question came for Lyndon LaRouche, Donald Trump, and Ellen DeGeneres.


Someone wanted to vote for Bigfoot; some broadminded soul wrote “either party”; someone wanted Curious George and 14 people voted for Hank the Cat. Two suggested Thomas Jefferson and one practical person asked for Exhumed James Madison. The Cookie Monster got one write-in vote, Jack Nicklaus got one, 12 voters desired “none of the above.” There was one vote for Spiderman, two for John Warner, and one for Mark Warner, who is already a senator.


In the 8th District, Prince Agarwan, Big Bird, Mowgli, Thomas Jefferson, and Dana Lawhorne all got a vote. There were three votes for Rabbi Jack Moline. Twelve votes were cast for “none of the above.” One vote was written in for “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”


Five hundred eighty-nine people wrote in suggestions for replacing our Mayor, while there were 1,414 suggestions for different council members. One mayoral voter wrote “anyone but Billy or Andy,” another one wrote “Any Democratic Socialist,” while someone with a long memory wrote “Bring Back Nixon.” Someone put in a vote for Pat Buchanan. Someone else wrote in George W. Bush. Six people expressed a wish for the return of Alexandria’s Bill Cleveland. Three just wrote “Democrat” and one said “Republican.” Someone wanted Dracula, another one Elmo, and 24 people voted for Frank Fannon for Mayor despite the fact that he was on the ballot for Council. Six people wanted that hardworking volunteer Carter Flemming. Hank the Cat got two votes for Mayor of Alexandria. Two votes were submitted for Robert E. Lee. Twenty voted for “none of the above” for mayor. Pogo Possum, a charming cartoon character from the ‘50s, got one vote, as did Ronald Reagan and Gant Redmond. Particularly touching was one who just wrote “someone reasonable.” Restaurateur Pat Troy got four votes, Boyd Walker got one, as did Warrior Princess Xena.


Someone cast a vote for Gary Aiken, he of the original views on rape. Five people requested “any Republican candidate.” One hundred thirty-three people voted for a blank. Three voted for Bugs Bunny and one for Butthead. Six voted for Bill Cleveland to come back on City Council. There’s a request for “C. Sense.” Jiminy Cricket got a vote for Council. One person voted for Gerald Ford, another for Fritz the Cat, and another for “Hello Kitty.” Vladimir I. Lenin got a vote. Two votes were cast for “No Preference” and two for “No to Developers.” One voter wrote in Arthur Peabody, former School Board chairman. Eight votes were cast for Del Pepper, one for Dr. Pepper and one for Sgt. Pepper, but not for his Lonely Hearts Club Band. One vote came in for Elvis Presley, 11 for “Republican” and one for “Republican Party.” Some student of history cast a vote for Theodore Roosevelt. One voter wrote in “Victoria’s Secret.”