Letter: Mockery of Government

Letter: Mockery of Government

To The Editor:

The Alexandria City Council has voted on and passed the waterfront plan that has been opposed by the majority of the residents this council supposedly represents. Why has this majority body of Democrats even gone through the motions of public hearings and spend unknown amounts of taxpayers’ money while all along they have known how they would vote on the issue.

This reminds me of another issue that the council recently passed with almost the same opposition mainly the Arlandria Redevelopment Plan. There seems to be a pattern coming out of City Hall that no matter what is right or what the citizens want, the results is always the same. It’s what the Mayor and the Council want that counts.

There is only one way to stop this mockery of government is to replace the majority with clear thinking people along the likes of Frank Fannon and Alicia Hughes or the past Vice Mayor Andrew MacDonald, as these people have had the insight to clearly think out issues and not bow down to the wants of the rest of the council. Just check out the voting record of these people and you will see how they fall in line behind each other.

At least Alicia Hughes and Frank Fannon will question another aspect of an issue then make up their own mind as did Andrew MacDonald when he was on the council.

Ken Briley