Telephone Call Scam Targets the Elderly

Telephone Call Scam Targets the Elderly

The City of Fairfax Police Department is advising citizens to be aware of an ongoing telephone scam targeting elderly individuals. Citizens responding to fraudulent telephone calls are at risk of significant financial loss.

Police have investigated two incidents within a one-month period in which unknown callers have telephoned residents claiming to be police officers or other government officials informing the residents that their grandson has been arrested. The caller says that in order for their grandson to be released from jail or prison they have to pay for their bond. The callers will say that in order to speak with their grandson they have to wire money to Lima, Peru or to Canada. They request that the money be sent by Western Union and will often call back and request a second payment to secure their grandson’s release.

Residents are urged to familiarize themselves with this information and if a similar telephone call is received to hang up and not send money to the caller. City of Fairfax Police recommends notifying the telephone company to see if the telephone number can be blocked. People receiving scam telephone calls should contact the police department if they have any questions or concerns that need to be addressed.

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