Letter: Appreciating Support

Letter: Appreciating Support

— To the Editor:

On Feb. 8, the officers and members of the Alexandria Fire Department began an experience that we have not had to deal with for many years.

While responding to an incident for a vehicle fire on Interstate 395, Paramedic Joshua Weissman fell from a bridge and was severely injured, succumbing to those injuries on Feb. 9.

As one of the responders to that incident, and as one of the Station Officers of Firehouse 206, I would first and foremost like to express our heartfelt condolences to Josh’s wife Rebecca, and the entire Weissman Family. The members of Firehouse 206 would also like to express our gratitude to the crews of Arlington County Engine 109, A-Shift, Arlington County Truck 105 A-Shift, the Arlington County Police, the Virginia State Police and everyone else that assisted during the incident. In addition, we must also acknowledge the members of the Washington Metropolitan Airport Authority Police Department, the District of Columbia Police Department and the District of Columbia Fire Department for their assistance in transporting Josh to the hospital and their support while at the hospital.

After Josh’s passing, the members of Firehouse 206 received an overwhelming amount of support from our brothers and sisters from the National Capitol Region, many of the local merchants and the citizens and visitors that we serve on a daily basis; 24/7/365. Your kind words, gifts of food, flowers, cards and your thoughts and prayers were humbly accepted with gratitude and will not be forgotten.

The members of Firehouse 206 and all of the Alexandria Fire Department will be grieving the loss of Josh Weissman for years to come. We know that with the support we have received from those mentioned above, we will move forward with Josh’s memory in our hearts helping us to serve our community each and every day.

Acting Captain David Bogozi

On behalf of the Officers, Firefighters and Paramedics of Firehouse 206