Poetry by Patrick Rhoads

Poetry by Patrick Rhoads

"Control our Debt"

to the tune of "O Little Town of Bethlehem"

O self-important Washington, how your politicians lie!

Above thy deep and endless debt, the truth silently goes by.

Yet in thy dark streets defineth how the debt grows out of sight

while the escapades of our Congressmen escape the view of light.

Our beloved nation berthed itself a republic free

that feeds itself upon the stalks of liberty.

While the citizens sleep, Congress forgets its fabled birth,

singing praises to itself and undermining our nation’s worth.

How silently, how silently, the national debt is given!

while Congress imparts its debt to an unborn generation.

So deep the debt is, we wonder where even to begin,

but, Congressmen, arise now, I say, to meet the challenge

You Congressmen, with your debt, you’re in denial,

justly deserving you are of your citizen’s revile.

Your one party pretends that all is fine,

while the other won’t up the taxes even one thin dime.

O Congressmen of Washington, consider this I pray:

Unborn children have amassed debts they can never re-pay.

Now hear the actuaries’ call and act on what they do tell:

Control our deficits soon or our country will be up for sell.

— Patrick T. Rhoads