Letter to the Editor: Questions for Candidates

Letter to the Editor: Questions for Candidates

To the Editor:

I'd like to ask Mrs. Comstock and Mr. Foust these questions and hope they will go "on the record" publicly with their answers.

  1. Do you agree that a candidate who will lie to us to get elected into Congress will also lie to us once he or she is in Congress?

  2. Do you support building the Keystone pipeline? If not, what specific steps do you support, to achieve American energy independence?

  3. Do you favor amending the Health Care law to permit a citizen to keep his doctor and health insurance if he wants? Why or why not?

  4. Do you believe it is possible to generate prosperity if the national Government continues to go deeper and deeper into debt? Why or why not?

  5. Do you favor local and parental control of our schools ... or do you favor increasing the Federal government control of our schools?

  6. Do you support the Second Amendment's approval of the right of citizens to own firearms?

  7. Will you promise never to lie to us, or permit your staff and campaign leaders to lie to us?

Wm A. Stanmeyer, Esq.

Great Falls

P.S.: Please stop talking about abortion: the House of Representatives can't do anything to change the law and will not try. Abortion is not an issue in this election. Please stick to the issues!