Letter: A Prediction

Letter: A Prediction

To the Editor:

Everybody loves predictions. So here are mine for the slate to be endorsed by the group Securing Alexandria’s Future in the June 12 Democratic Primary.

To disclose, I am on the steering committee of the political action committee Democrats for A Better Alexandria, which the aforementioned group is emulating — thank you for the flattery. Our selections were made a few weeks ago.

But the objectivity and seriousness of the Securing Alexandria’s Future’s effort — led by longtime former Republican David Speck — has to be questioned as they can best be described as status quo, pro-development, Chamber of Commerce advocates. Yes Alexandria, in the past two decades some Democrats on City Council have acted and voted more like what the man or woman on the street would think of as Republicans when it comes to the core issue of density sought by developers versus neighborhood and community preservation.

As did Democrats for Better Alexandria, Securing Alexandria’s Future sent out a questionnaire on which to ostensibly base its selections. Will it matter? I venture not much, which is why I preview the group’s endorsements: Paul Smedberg, Sean Holihan, Donna Fossum, John Chapman, Justin Wilson and Tim Lovain.

For each one of these that I’m wrong on, I will make a contribution to the Virginia chapter of the Sierra Club.

Rod Kuckro


Rod Kuckro is the former president of Del Ray Citizens Association and the Alexandria Federation of Civic Associations.