What was your best holiday gift?

— Derick Kraft (Trivia Host at Whitlow’s): “I got a compound bow. My Dad thought archery was fun, but my Mom made him return it. I now shoot firearms competitively.”


Derick Kraft

Esau Chavez: “When I was 9 I got a remote-controlled monster truck, it was so much fun until I broke it the next day.”

Ryan Pool: “When I was about 7 my brother and I woke up at 5 a.m. and unwrapped all of our presents because we were so excited. I got a skateboard and Nerf guns. We played with them for hours until my Mom came down, scolded us, rewrapped them, and made us reopen them so she could take pictures. Our expressions are all so fake!”


Ryan Pool

Brian Stascavage: “My cousin got a dog once, my aunt put a bow on its collar and let it wake her up in the morning. It wasn’t my gift but still a favorite! We had so much fun playing with it.”

Bill Mill: “I got a gift certificate to the Red Fox Inn in Middleburg. We had a great dinner and it was a perfect way to spend a romantic weekend with my special lady.”


Bill Mill