Week in Great Falls

Week in Great Falls

Friends of Riverbend Receive BMW Donation

Friends of Riverbend Park (FORB) has received $10,000 from BMW of North America. The grant followed the conclusion of BMW’s successful Restore the Outdoors campaign, which helped launch BMW’s new X1 crossover vehicle, and which spotlighted 12 park sites across the United States, including Riverbend Park in Great Falls.

BMW’s donation has enabled FORB to continue to support Riverbend Park’s educational programs, maintenance, and nature activities. Riverbend Park will use the FORB funds to

expand Riverbend’s 2013 summer camps, to hire four college-level summer interns, and to generate additional revenue for the Park.

Further information may be obtained from Tim Hackman, president, Friends of Riverbend Park. Call 703-759-6414 or email forbpark@gmail.com.