Taylor Run


The Rev. Martha Wallace, Rector of Emmanual Episcopal Church on Russell Road, contributes to her parish in many different ways. At the church bazaar Saturday the tasty chili was made completely by the Rector. She also has energized the service, written a monthly newsletter, and instituted many activities for children and young people.

The bake sale at the bazaar was an immense success, having raised $1000 in just the first hour. Moyna Ratliff's table of beautiful linens brought in $420 for the church. The quilt at the silent auction attracted many bids. One charming young person was Bayley Moore, 6 years old, proudly wearing her Tai Kwan Do white uniform and displaying her beginner's white belt.


Gudrun Callahan told me that after 48 years as athletic director at St. Agnes School, and St. Stephen's & St. Agnes, she has retired. "Forty-eight years was enough," she said.

Working at the bazaar as they have for many years were Dottie Gibson, Jean Seddon, Judy Carlson, Bob and Betty Coombs, and Nancy Dupree. Mary Ann Frank was the hard-working chairman of the bazaar. This was the 45th year that the church women have organized the bazaar to help the church.


Our neighbor Mary Kelly is proud of son Tommy who was awarded Catholic Athletes for Christ High School Award. The award is given for commitment to sportsmanship and to their faith.


It was fascinating to learn that the beautiful voice floating over the entire production of "Cantorial" at the Little Theater of Alexandria, belongs to an actual cantor, Rick Flint, a name everybody can remember.

— Lois Kelso Hunt