Letter: Hopes Nation Comes Together

Letter: Hopes Nation Comes Together

To the Editor:

Regardless of party lines, congratulations are in order for President Obama’s reelection as our 45th president of the United States. This election year was especially important for me, because it was my first time voting in a presidential election. It is fascinating how many demographics I fall into: youth, female, and minority.

As an American Muslim woman, I understand and am honored to participate in the voting process as it showcases our great and peaceful democracy. As a 20-year old college student, I feel proud knowing that my country acknowledges my voice and allows me to directly contribute my opinion. It is my hope and prayer that our divided and polarized nation comes together as one, and that this administration will uphold the rule of law, adhere to justice in all affairs, and to continue to promote human rights and human welfare. May God bless America.

Saira Bhatti, Centreville