HOV Ramp from I-66 East to I-495 North Closing


After morning rush hour on or about Friday, Oct. 12, the left-lane HOV (high occupancy vehicle) ramp from eastbound I-66 to northbound I-495 will close to traffic until the 495 Express Lanes open to traffic later this year and the ramp reopens as a new, dedicated 495 Express Lanes ramp. During the closure, carpools will use the ramp from the right lane of I-66 East to I-495 North (Capital Beltway’s Inner Loop).

HOV-drivers affected by this new traffic pattern are urged to follow highway message signs that will be in place along I-66, approaching I-495. Drivers should expect additional delays in this area for several weeks, and should allow extra time in their commutes.

When the 495 Express Lanes open later this year, the new I-66 East Express Lanes Ramp taking drivers to I-495 North on the left will be available for free to HOVs with three or more people, or to drivers with fewer than three occupants who choose to pay a toll. All drivers choosing to use the new 495 Express Lanes must have an E-ZPass, and HOV vehicles must have an E-ZPass Flex in order to travel the Express Lanes for free. All other vehicles traveling in this direction must exit from the right lane of I-66 East to access I-495 North.

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