Letter: WMATA Profits From Hate

Letter: WMATA Profits From Hate

To the Editor:

The new Metro ads that call Muslims "savages" and encourage riders to "Support Israel. Defeat Jihad." are not just hateful and discriminatory. They send a message that Muslims are not welcome in the D.C. community.

The ads are an attack on Muslim Metro riders and Muslims across the city — people who are my neighbors, coworkers, and partners in the community.

In light of these ads, it's not enough for WMATA to just say that it doesn't support discrimination.

The ad buy means that WMATA is making money from advertising that attacks its customers.

I hope WMATA will take a stand to stop discrimination and choose to donate all proceeds to the District of Columbia Human Rights Commission. WMATA shouldn't profit from hate.

The questions that WMATA needs to answer, would they allow hatemongers to put up ads that targeted African Americans? Would they allow Muslim Americans put up similar ads voicing their hate against Christians and Jews?

Sandra Corder