Puppet Parade at Kaleidoscope for Kids

Puppet Parade at Kaleidoscope for Kids

— Artist Eryn Lake could be seen out on the lawn next to the Durant Center teaching three giant puppets how to walk on Sept. 29. As a student, Lake attended the Free Columbia Art Course in Hudson, N.Y. and created a series of puppets from the short story “Rip Van Winkle” by Washington Irving. The puppet parade was one of the many children’s activities offered by the Kaleidoscope for Kids festival.


Completing a lesson in walking, the puppets “Young Rip” (Michael Gale), “Old Rip” (Evan Corcoran) and “Friend of Rip’s” (James Radack) help artist Eryn Lake into the costume of “Van Bummel” for a last rehearsal before the puppet parade.