Time for a Change

Time for a Change

To the Editor:

As I listened to Congressman Frank Wolf during his debate with challenger Kristin Cabral at the Great Falls Grange on Oct. 23, I realized that he was focused on his past in Congress and not the future interests of the citizens of the 10th District. I also noted that many of the “successes” he noted over his career were local earmark type projects to address traffic issues. While these projects may have been of importance to those affected people, we should expect our Congressman to do more in playing a role on the national stage to shape policies that address the big issues of our time. This is where Frank Wolf falls short. For over three decades, he has out-sourced his position on the big issues to the Republican leadership. In the current Congress, he has voted with the Republican Party 81 percent of the time. That is not a record of one who reaches out to build coalitions across the aisle and move the legislative agenda forward.

Kristin Cabral showed enthusiasm to take on the big issues with respect to jobs, investment in education, protecting Social Security and Medicare and balancing the budget through both spending cuts and tax reform. We live in a dynamic community that has needs significantly different from those of 30 years ago. It is ironic that Mr. Wolf voted for 6-year term limits for the House in the 1980s, yet he has not chosen to follow through on his previously stated position on term limits. It is time for a change and Kristin Cabral offers a new vision for bi-partisan leadership in the Congress.

J. Jay Volkert, Ph.D.

Tysons Corner