Letter: ‘Found Wanting’

Letter: ‘Found Wanting’

— To the Editor:

Although I am a strong supporter of President Obama, I had the idea that Mitt Romney was the best of the Republican candidates and capable of being the President if elected. His statement about the 47 percent of Obama supporters who are “dependent upon goverment, etc.” has changed my mind.

I am semi-retired and dependent on Social Security and Medicare. Mitt would consign me to that group he thinks of as deadbeats. I have been paying taxes every year for the past 60 years and am still paying significant taxes and contributing to Social Security on small earnings. Romney has insulted me and millions of Americans like me who are, in one way or another, dependent on government benefits but striven over a lifetime to contribute to the welfare of a family, a community and a country, including military service.

With one speech attempting to appeal to a room of millionaire fat cats, Romney has made it clear that he is utterly incapable of understanding or leading the United States of America. The voters should send him and others like him a resounding message on election day: “You have been weighed in the balance and found wanting.”

Jack Sullivan