Letter: Importance of Organic Farms

Letter: Importance of Organic Farms

— To the Editor:

Gov. Martin O'Malley's letter was timely and appropriate. His letter clearly recognizes the increasingly critical role that small, local farms play in the protection of our State and National food supply. At the same time, the Governor recognized the benefit to Montgomery County students and future farmers, of having a resource where they can learn about the food chain and organic farming practices.

Most of the continental United States is experiencing a terrible drought this year. I stood in Nick's Farm and saw 8 foot tall corn and tall, healthy soy. Organic farms withstand severe weather conditions better than conventional farms, sometimes yielding 70-90 percent more than conventional farms during droughts. Organic farms are more profitable in the drier states of the United States, likely due to their superior drought performance. Organic farms survive hurricane damage much better, retaining 20 to 40 percent more topsoil and smaller economic losses at highly significant levels than their neighbors.

While, many of the elected officials in Montgomery County have been focused on providing soccer fields that are not needed at the expense of community harmony and legally mandated transparency, Governor O'Malley has elevated the conversation to recognize the loss to future generations should Nick's Farm lose out to corporate soccer interests.

Barbara Hoover