Road-Widening Project Details and Timeline

During the first year of construction, crews will build a northbound detour road parallel to Stringfellow Road between Melville Lane and Point Pleasant Drive. Because of utility relocation, a temporary pedestrian bridge is currently in place over Big Rocky Run on the east side near Greenbriar Park.

Phase 1- through Aug. 2014

  • Fair Lakes Boulevard to Big Rocky Run: Construct southbound lanes while maintaining traffic on existing roadway. Crews will start in the north and work south.

  • Melville Lane and Point Pleasant Drive: Construct detour road needed for phase two.

  • Build portion of pre-cast arch bridge over Big Rocky Run creek which goes under Stringfellow. “The old bridge won’t support four lanes and was only for pedestrians,” said VDOT’s Ryan Wolfgang. “The new one will also carry vehicles.”

  • Install phase one, storm sewer pipe path.

  • Point Pleasant Drive to Chantilly High ball field entrances: Construct southbound lanes while maintaining traffic on existing roadway.

  • Entrances to Chantilly High ball fields and Chantilly Regional Library: Remove concrete median and install temporary pavement.

  • Install temporary signals.

Phase 2 – May-November 2014

  • South of Fair Lakes Boulevard to Melville Lane: Construct northbound roadway.

  • Greenbriar Park entrance to Point Pleasant Drive: Construct southbound roadway and remainder of culvert over Rocky Run.

  • Point Pleasant Drive to library: Build middle portion of roadway.

  • Install storm drainage through project limits.

Phase 3 – Nov. 2014 to March 2015

  • Complete construction of pre-cast arch bridge before start of phase three.

  • Melville Lane to Route 50: Build northbound roadway.

  • Route 50 to Jasper Road: Construct, under traffic, a portion of the road.

  • Build phase three storm drainage.

Phase 4 – March-July 2015

  • Chantilly High ball field entrance: Finish construction of southbound lanes, under traffic.

  • Open northbound and southbound lanes of Stringfellow. Close inside lanes with concrete barrier to build median improvements along Route 50.

  • Finish all drainage upon completion of phase four.

  • Install final road surface, striping and signage.

  • Install traffic signals by the end of phase four.

  • Route 50 to Jasper Road: Complete construction of road improvements.