Commentary: Update on Route 1 Transit Study

Commentary: Update on Route 1 Transit Study

The Route 1 Transit Study is necessary to obtain long-term federal funding for much needed enhanced mass transit services to the Route 1 corridor. This study will evaluate alternative modes of transit to include ferries, bus rapid transit, light rail and perhaps the expansion of metro eventually.

The Centerline Study, that determines the location of the actual road bed, has already been completed. VDOT, the Virginia Department of Transportation, listens to local officials on transportation needs. Prince William County local officials agreed on the improvements needed to the Route 1 area. That is why you see more progress in widening Route 1 in Prince William. Fairfax County local officials have not agreed on improvements. That has complicated expansion of Route 1 in Fairfax County.

The Route 1 Transit Study is ongoing now and will be looking at various transit alternatives. U.S. Rep. Jim Moran passed the legislation that will bring $180 million in federal funding to improve the area near Fort Belvoir. This should begin over the next year. The gridlock will be very difficult as Route 1 cuts through Fort Belvoir. But it will be worthwhile once it’s over.