Fairfax Adult Softball Honors its Dedicated Volunteers

Fairfax Adult Softball Honors its Dedicated Volunteers

Fairfax Adult Softball (FAS), the largest adult ASA softball league in the country, celebrated the spirit of altruism and selfless service at Brion’s Grille in Fairfax on Sunday, Feb 10.

“We run the largest adult ASA softball league in the United States,” said Christine Idip, FAS program assistant, “and we couldn’t do that without our great volunteer workforce. All of them love the game of slow-pitch softball!”


Fairfax Adult Softball honors a volunteer.

League President John Carney recognized Carl S. Ey as the “Ron Bullock Volunteer of the Year.” Ey’s efforts since accepting a position with the executive committee have included working with Fairfax Supervisors to improve playing fields, establishing electronic banking for FAS and establishing an FAS men’s showcase league.

“As a retired service member, I have played softball all over the United States,” said Ey, “but FAS is the best run league I have been associated with; to give back to this league is reward enough.”

The “Ron Bullock Volunteer of the Year” award was created to recognize individuals who make a substantial commitment to volunteering and improving the FAS program. This award is given to those that demonstrate outstanding volunteer service over the course of 12 months.

Each member of the FAS Board of Directors and their family members enjoyed a buffet breakfast and a gift from FAS. Sharp-looking maroon pullovers with the FAS logo were presented to each of the volunteers enjoying their breakfast.

“FAS is the largest and best run league in America because of our volunteers.” said John Carney, president of FAS. “The volunteer recognition breakfast is the most rewarding event on our annual calendar.”