Letter: How I Got My Dog

Letter: How I Got My Dog

We had been looking for a new dog for close to 10 years—I would occasionally stop at the animal shelter or at a rescue group set-up—but I really didn't know how to pick out a dog, so I just didn't. Our previous dogs had basically just fallen into our laps by differing circumstances.

When I heard that my waiter where I frequently eat lunch had dropped dead of a heart attack while out running with his dogs, I immediately said that I would take both dogs, sight unseen. I knew that the pets of deceased owners were frequently just taken to the shelter. However, I was told that his ex-roommate had taken both dogs, was keeping one, and that he had given the other one to a girl who would be attending college in Richmond in the fall.

A year later, at the beginning of May 2012, I heard that the girl in Richmond had loaded up the dog and all her belongings (bed, leash, dish, etc.) and taken her to the Richmond Animal Shelter at the beginning of February, three months before. I thought, oh no, the dog wouldn't still be alive at a shelter after three months if no one had adopted her. I got back to my office as soon as possible and saw there was more than one animal shelter in Richmond. I didn't even know what she looked like, but the first one I pulled up had a dog by her name. I called the adoption coordinator, and it was her! That was a Tuesday, and I filled out the adoption application and provided references. I went to Richmond on that Saturday and we brought home our new dog, who had also fallen into our laps!

She keeps my parents, who are in their late 80's, company during the day. My mother wanted me to write this because she can't stop marveling that Luna had sat in the shelter for three months and no one had taken her since she is extremely smart, well behaved, and practically perfect in every way. I think she was waiting on us (and our thanks to the Richmond Animal Shelter and its wonderful coordinator who gave her the chance to find a new home).

— Ellen Fox, Burke resident since 1980, and a Springfield native who works in McLean.