Letter to the Editor: Move Forward on Rink Modification

Letter to the Editor: Move Forward on Rink Modification

— To the Editor:

The following open letter was addressed to Gabriel Albornoz, Recreation Director for Montgomery County.

Dear Mr. Albornoz:

As the current chair of the Friends of the Potomac Community

Center, Inc., as well as a long-time Potomac resident, it saddens

me to hear the negative feedback coming from a very few neighbors

concerning the proposed modification of the current roller rink.

This roller rink provides an outstanding opportunity to transform the

current structure into a safe and flat surface for persons with various

disabilities. It should also be considered a moral obligation for this

county. As a disabled person myself, it appalls me to think a few

neighbors could stop such a project that would be very well received

by the ever-growing disabled population of this county. This sports

area would serve the young and old, individuals in wheelchairs, and

individuals on crutches or using prosthetics.

If our nearby neighbors are not happy with this level of activity

generated by a community center, they should have thought twice

prior to purchasing.

Larry Chloupek