Lieske Named New Director of Main Street Child Development Center

The Board of Directors of the Main Street Child Development Center, a nonprofit early learning center located in the City of Fairfax near George Mason University, has named Carol Lieske to the position of center director. Lieske succeeds Elizabeth Egan, who has served as director since 1999.

A Fairfax resident, Lieske previously served as a STEM educator and curriculum designer at Ideaventions, an innovative educational organization focused on pre-K through eighth grade science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) enrichment programs. Prior to joining Ideaventions, she was a lead teacher at the George Mason University Child Development Center and assistant director and lead preschool teacher at Burke Presbyterian Church Preschool.

“Carol’s background in early childhood and STEM education will be an asset to Main Street and the board is confident that Carol will have an immediate positive impact on our students and their families,” said Board President Linda O’Donohue.