How is new technology impacting community life?

Barry Newman, president, Ravensworth-Bristow Civic Association, Fairfax

“I can’t say enough. It’s essential. People are busy, busy, busy, busy. This is the only way to go.”


Barry Newman

Evie Kasper, Greenfield Farms Homeowners Association member, Fairfax

“[Our] management company sends out [memos] in minutes. That’s our only way right now. In a month or so, we’ll have a website—that’s a huge difference.”


Evie Kasper

Derrick Chamlee, creative director for the Public Broadcasting Service, Fairfax

“It makes a lot more communication and a lot quicker. It’s amazing. We had a missing kid in the neighborhood and people were outside [in minutes]. He was found in his neighbor’s basement watching TV.”


Derrick Chamlee

Sonny Caputo, retired, Springfield

“You’ve got to better understand how your government is working and services [provided]. [However], it doesn’t get one on one communication [experience].”


Sonny Caputo

Mary Chobot, secretary of the Civic Association, Annandale

“It can make communication quicker. [Through] email, we can get info out much quicker. We’ve succeeded in getting 75 percent already.”


Mary Chobot