Viewpoints: New Tysons

What do you think about the changes coming to Tysons?


Bruce Wright, Reston.


Claudia Diamond, Westwood Village Tysons, Fairfax County.


Jenifer Joy Madden, Fairfax County.


Roger Diedrich, Mantua


Anne Marie McKinnon, Vienna

“I’m here because I’m the chairman of the Fairfax Advocates for Better Bicycling. I’m hoping that what will be built here will be bike friendly. I am optimistic because this development will attract a lot of young professionals, many of whom will want an urban area where you can walk and bike and not rely on your car for everything. All around us we have these “island communities” like the Mosaic, which have a lot to offer, but we need to connect them with more than just roads. I do see a lot of consideration for that in these plans.”—Bruce Wright, Reston.

“I have concerns—big ones. I am the president of the Westwood Village Townhomes HOA. Right now, the development plans include a ramp that would loop around by the Sheraton hotel and seriously affect our access and our views. Add in the increased population, traffic and activities, not to mention the construction for the next 30 years, this can negatively impact our property values and our lifestyles. We have brought our concerns about the ramp to the county and have been told that it will be looked at.”—Claudia Diamond, Westwood Village Tysons, Fairfax County.

“I am absolutely psyched. The new Tysons is full of wonderful activities. I am on the Fairfax County Transportation Advisory Commission, appointed by Hunter Mill District Supervisor Cathy Hudgins. I have been working hard for years on the goal of reaching Tysons Metro without a car, as well as other projects that give us more and safe walking, biking and bus options.”—Jenifer Joy Madden, Fairfax County.

“I’ve been following this project for years. The more Tysons and similar projects succeed, the more we can save the environment, taking cars off the roads and creating more green spaces. On a broad scale, I look at it positively. There are going to be changes, big changes, and some will have negative effects. We need to find ways to mitigate the negatives. I think the development will have a positive impact on the property values in the area with such easy access to so many things, including the Metro.”Roger Diedrich, Mantua.

“Phenomenal. Fantastic. I read the information, including the letters from Supervisor Hudgins (D-Hunter Mill) but these displays helped really envision the plan. I feel fortunate to live where we do, in an area of diversity, good schools, airports nearby and close to the nation’s capital. I think the changes to Tysons will just bring even more opportunities. I think the traffic and the people make it even more vibrant. Right now, part of the traffic problem there is everyone rushing away after work. But if more people lived there, they would be staying within their community.”—Anne Marie McKinnon, Vienna.