Viewpoints: Oakton High School Graduation

Where Are You Going Next and Where Do You See Yourself in 10 years?


Emily Sargent, Oakton.


Chris Rogers, Oakton


Evangelyn Hocu, Herndon.


Melanie Aguilar-Rojas

“I will be going to the Northern Virginia Community College, studying history. I probably see myself as a teacher somewhere, living close to my family.”—Emily Sargent, Oakton.

He will be attending Virginia Commonwealth University. When asked where he sees himself in 10 years, he responded, “I’m interested in business economics. Probably doing something in China.”—Chris Rogers, Oakton.

“I am going to George Mason.” She is unsure of where her future leads but she said she would be happy “finding a job that [she] likes.”— Evangelyn Hocu, Herndon.

Alison will be attending Florida State and studying psychology. When asked about her future she responded, “Well, I think I’ll be in med school. That is probably where I’ll be.”— Alison Datoc, Oakton.

Melanie will be attending the College of William and Mary. She said, “I see myself probably working somewhere with diplomacy and with different countries. I hope to learn many languages in college.”— Melanie Aguilar-Rojas.