Week in Reston

Week in Reston

Local Historians to Present ‘Untold Story’

Reston Historic Trust presents a special 150th sesquicentennial program commemorating the Civil War, “Sunstroke and Ankle-Deep Mud,” on Thursday, June 27, 7-9 p.m. at Reston Community Center at Lake Anne, 1609 Washington Plaza, Reston.

Much has been written about the Battle of Gettysburg and Lee’s Retreat, but little has been written about the arduous journey taken by 10s of thousands of men, wagons and horses of the Union’s Army of the Potomac as it marched across Northern Virginia on its way to this historic battle.

A famous Confederate cavalry commander accompanied by 5,000 cavalrymen and six guns, as well as the commander of the Army of the Potomac, with his entire headquarters’ staff, passed here within 30 hours of each other. They were both headed northwards towards the Potomac River. Ironically, each movement would end disastrously for both men.

Experience the incredible conditions the Union Army faced through the words of several of their soldiers: unbearable heat, torrential rains, forced marches, etc. before they reached the river, their final obstacle.

Local historians Jim Lewis and Brian McEnany will present the “untold story” of the Gettysburg Campaign. Portions of their recently released fully illustrated self-guided driving tour booklet will be presented.

For more information, call the Reston Museum at 703-709-7700, email restonmuseum@gmail.com, or visit www.restonmuseum.org. Space is limited, so come early. Reston Historic Trust members have seating priority.