Commentary: Putting the People First

Commentary: Putting the People First

To the Editor:

Good government isn’t as hard as politicians make it out to be. It’s really about putting the people first.

The IRS certainly wasn’t putting the people first when it harassed, humiliated and held up the applications of conservative groups. Nor when it held off on releasing the $125 million share owed to Virginia as part of a Medicaid fraud settlement. It did just the opposite.

Who puts the people first? Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, whose top-rate Medicaid Fraud Unit took on a big pharmaceutical company and discovered the fraud. Cuccinelli also exposed the IRS’ craven political motives when it deprived local police and sheriff departments of equipment.

When you have that kind of rampant abuse taking place in Washington, it’s good to know we have someone on our side in Richmond.

Natalie Johnson