Column: Brickyard Road School Site Update

Column: Brickyard Road School Site Update

It has taken two years, but the Brickyard Community has prevailed in its mission to stop the proposed soccerplex at the Brickyard school site. The coalition opposed the soccerplex because (i) it did not comply with the Potomac Master Plan; (ii) the decision was made in secret and not in a competitive and transparent manner, and (iii) the proposal did not meet applicable zoning regulations.

Montgomery County has now surrendered the lease granted by the Board of Education for this property. The Board of Education has rescinded the lease and further, at our suggestion, nullified their authorizing resolution of March 8, 2011. There is no doubt that coalition’s multiple lawsuits caused the county to surrender the lease which now permits the BOE to restart the process. The Brickyard Coalition would like to thank its 2,000-plus members for their enthusiastic support and assistance. We stood together and we prevailed.

As we have received all of the relief requested in our legal suits, Judge Greenburg has now dismissed the BOE appeal as moot. We expect similar action in the other lawsuit. However, we still retain the option to make an application for part of the legal fees expended in this fight. We understand that the Board of Education has decided to conduct a review of its process for the use of the Brickyard site and other similar BOE properties and develop policy guidelines for their future use. We look forward to working with the BOE as they undertake this important task.